Licensed Brothels All Over the World Earn Huge Revenue


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The scenario is just the same through the ages of human evolution right to the present day modern time – sex sells. It brings in big time money even when industries are closing down, stock markets are tumbling, and the political scenario of a country is in jeopardy. The business brings in so much of revenue that a lot of countries have legalized the business along with a set of norms and guidelines to follow. This ensures that both the customers, as well as the workers, maintain a proper check on their health and safety. Moreover, if they are licensed, they do not have to suffer any police verification, or any legal hassles. The range of security is also very strict in the licensed ones.

The east and the west

Taking a round trip of the licensed brothels in the world reveals much that goes on within in terms of business both on the side of the clients as well as the workers.

  • In the Far East, the places that offer licensed adult entertainment are to be found in huge multiple storied plazas that are replete with bars and dance.
  • They are typical places where you can sip your drink, have a look at the different girls hanging out, bargain the rates and proceed for the mutually consented entertainment.
  • Moving on to the West the scenario can range from anything between the big time business places to the small and more quite brothels.

The plush places of entertainment

Most of the high-end licensed brothels in the West are run more on the lines of business conglomerates than places that sell cheap sex.

  • A typical high-class brothel will have an ambiance to boast of and often is in line with those of luxurious hotels.
  • The girls that work here too are well-bred and often offer escort services other than regularly working  for the brothels.
  • These luxury places are meant to attract business from the well-heeded male of any age especially the young group that want to savor high-class.
  • The places are replete with Gold membership cards for the customers who can enjoy the discount and other privileges on subsequent visits.
  • In case members report non-satisfaction, they are also entitled to an extra hour free of charges.

Discreet and expensive

Talking about the plush brothels, there are always innovations on the go to attract a crowd by various means. There is a reputed place in a European country that grants license that closed down and was bought by a businessman that has redone the place like a museum.

  • The lookalike wax mannequins replace the real girls and visitors can have a tour of the place and book for the entertainment the next day indicating the mannequin of his like.
  • These places are sure expensive, and they prefer to cater to a select line of customers rather than have an unwelcome crowd. Some are so expensive that they may invite the commoner to have a peek at what is going on paying some hundred dollars!

Innovation all the way

You will also come across some lovely resorts that have lovely girls lounging around the poolside or in their chaise to pick from. The stay there is comfortable like being in a plush resort with services that are accompanied. Only ensure that your credit card is fully loaded when you opt for the services and not for the guided tour to tempt you.

Breaking barriers of the conventional brothels are places that film the act between the customer and the worker and are broadcasted over the internet to the rest of the world. In these cases, you can save money as you do not have to indulge in the sexual act all by yourself, you can just go through the films to simulate your finer senses.

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