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High class Bangalore escorts service come in many forms and sizes, but escort priya is especially distinctive. So unusual, in fact, that it is practically hard to capture it in images. Everyone who meets her agrees on a few things, notably that the images don’t do priya credit. Being a model is not one of her many abilities, but great empathy, intellect, kindness, honesty, maturity, sense of humor and an ultimate GFE are. What what makes priya distinctive is her compassion for animals, which is shown in her vegan diet, for example. Those are of course extremely pleasant things to stress and a fantastic chance came during the picture session. priya is delighted to tell you more about it.

 High class escort priya from Bangalore Escort about her latest photoshoot


“Summer has finally arrived! Coincidentally, Call girls number Bangalore on the same day as the photoshoot that was previously organised, to update the images in our profiles. The weather was high, the sun brilliant and we were all delighted. Picture this, and let your thoughts go wild: roughly twenty (half-)naked ladies roaming around a lusciously green garden, giggling at the camera. There was one person who was fortunate enough to experience this view with his own eyes. His name is Ody, and he’s a really sweet, old gentlemen. He also happens to have four paws, a cheerfully wagging tail and a devoted gaze in his eyes. Personally, I believe this dog’s tail wasn’t blissfully dancing about because of all of the attention he received from the females. No, his eyes were plainly pointing towards the bites on the table. One cheeky guy!


As a long time animal lover, I was happy to find that Ody would be our buddy for the day. While I put on my second pair of underwear for the photo shoot, my eyes strayed to him. Would he come nearer me…? Marike, understanding how fond I am of animals, come up with an idea that had me leaping up and down. She offered that we may take some shots of myself and Ody together. I couldn’t make myself any happier! And so we picked for a beautiful area in the garden. Meanwhile, Ody did not make aware of his interest in the sandwiches of the photographer. Luckily, he was also interested in a hug and we had delightful a play in the field, while the photographer took pictures away.


Sometimes they used to remind me I was still busily shooting, as I was so captivated by our play! All-in all, particularly this section of the session truly brightened the day for me.

There are several reasons why I’m so captivated with animals. Among them, is the fact that animals were so full of enthusiasm, pleasure and vitality.


I adore seizing life by its horns, to live it totally and enthusiastically. Animals aren’t even concerned about that, they simply do it. And now that the weather is finally warming up, I notice more and more creatures outdoors. Foals, leaping about. Ducklings, fanatically paddling after their mother. Dogs, playing on the grass. Their enthusiasm for life is plainly spreading optimism around and that’s another explanation why animals are an essential part of my life. Besides, it’s not just sentiments, it’s also basic science: touching an animal can provide you an injection of oxytocin. And testosterone, one of our pleasant chemicals, is always appreciated! Being with other individuals and enjoying each other’s company, also enhances your oxytocin. So maybe, we’ll meet someday to go to the pet zoo, for a horse-ride or a stroll with the dog? Let’s double up these joyful hormones. See you shortly, love from priya



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