Top 5 Reasons Why Men Use Escorts


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Men Use Escorts

Paying for sex is as old as the hills, and from time immemorial, men have used prostitutes, courtesans, escorts and paid companions to provide whatever they were not getting at home. Today, escorts are just a popular as they ever were and every year, millions of men book an escort for a couple of hours, and sometimes longer. So why do men still use the services of escorts, despite many of them being in loving relationships?

No Strings Sex

Escorts cannot legally advertise sex for sale, but reading between the lines on any escort website will reassure you that sex is very much on the menu. Men usually go to an escort because they want guaranteed sex without the hassle of picking up a woman in a bar and buying her drinks. Escorts provide no strings sex, on your terms, and for as long as you have paid for. Of course you don’t have to have sex. It is your time so you can do whatever you want in the time allowed: talk, watch TV, or absolutely nothing if that’s your desire.


Many men use escorts because they are lonely. Men who can’t form regular relationships or men away from home for extended periods of time will often seek out an escort to feel wanted and desirable. Really good escorts make their clients feel a million dollars, which is why they charge more.


It is not unusual for men to book an escort after a drinking session. Alcohol always makes people do things they wouldn’t ordinarily do when sober, so if you have gone on a stag party and consumed a huge amount of alcohol, you could end up with an escort at the end of the night. Still, at least you don’t have to worry about being found out the next day courtesy of a random text message from your illicit lover.

Something Different

If you want to try something different, an escort is a safe and accommodating person to try it with. For example, perhaps you and your wife want to experiment with a threesome, but don’t fancy inviting anyone you know to join you in the bedroom. An escort will provide a couples’ service where you can both have fun. Alternatively, if your biggest fantasy is having sex with two hot women, book two escorts for a red hot evening of naughty fun.

A Special Treat

When your life is a long grind of all work and no play, it is understandable that you need to let off steam once in a while. Booking a relaxing massage Montreal will help you de-stress for a few hours. You can chill out, enjoy being the centre of attention of one gorgeous lady, and then go home with a huge smile on your face.

Escorts offer a safe, reliable service to men, but only if you use a reputable agency where the women who work there are in the job because they want to be.

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