5 Questions to Ask Your Female Escorts


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The concept of hiring an escort doesn’t come easily for all men. If you are new to the idea of using a London escort agency, then there are probably a variety of questions you have about the process and the women. Many of the basic questions regarding how the process works can be directed through the agency itself. However, there are five questions you can ask your female escorts.

What is the pay structure?

The agency will provide you with the hourly rate that a model charges. What you want to ask the models is if there is a minimum booking time and additional fees for particular services. For example, if the escort is to use a driver to come to you, then there may be an additional charge. You may also want to ask her what her actual take home amount is. Keep in mind that agencies act as an intermediary and therefore charge various fees to the escorts. Knowing how much she is actually able to receive will help you know how much to tip her for a job well done.

What schedule works best for you?

High end escorts tend to be busy. They also tend to have full time work outside of their sex work. This means that if you are looking for companionship on specific days or times, it may be necessary to find someone who can work within your schedule. Get an idea of what kind of hours she keeps to determine whether or not she is a good fit for you.

What are your sexual specialties?

One of the many reasons why men choose to hire an escort is because of the sexual specialties she can offer him. Some of these such as fetish play or bdsm may have additional costs. Any individual who is interested in something specific should ask this question up front. Keep in mind that if you fail to do so, you may not get your money’s worth on the engagement.

Are you open to an in-person interview?

As someone looking to hiring an escort, you have the opportunity to request a short in-person interview with any potential model. Considering the price tag associated with an escort hire, you want to know that your money is well spent. Ask if she is open to an interview and be willing to pay a small fee for the 30-60 minutes you will be chatting. This is the best opportunity to get an idea for who she is as a person, the types of services she can offer, and how she looks. You can read her body language and appearance to help you find the perfect escort for you.

What things are hard limits for you?

Lastly, it is important to understand that an escort is in no way your “sex slave”. You should respect her boundaries at all times. Before arranging an engagement, ask her what things are completely off limits. Due to the nature of the business, most of these things will be minimal. Escorts have different specialties and sexual preferences to allow them to best accommodate their client base. Knowing ahead of time will prevent confusion later on.

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