Work Out a Plan to Slowly Get Your Girlfriend Back From Her New Boyfriend


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So, your girlfriend has broken up with you and she has already moved on to another relationship. You are devastated and keep wondering how can she forget you so soon?  When you are still so much in love with her and miss her so much, how is it possible for her to forget everything that was there between the two of you.

You cannot even imagine her with another person. It breaks your heart to be away from her. Whoever was at fault for the breakup doesn’t matter to you. You just want her back.

Is Your Girlfriend Really Into A New Realti0onship?

If you two were together in the relationship for a long time, then in all probability this new relationship is only a rebound for her and will not last long. In such a case you are right in thinking that I want my ex girlfriend back, because she might soon realise that she misses you a lot and wants you back too.  However, if the relationship was only 2-3 months old then she is not really looking for a long term relationship right now and is just testing waters.

In such a scenario, it is advisable for you too to move on. There was not really anything much that she would have to hold on to and realise that she misses you.  The new relationship is actually not a rebound, but just that a new relationship.

Steps To Win Her Back:

The first and foremost rule of the game is to have absolutely no contact with her for a period of about 30 days. This time would be enough for her to realise how much she misses you and the relationship with you. The newness of the new relationship might have also waned off and she would now be logically comparing the two relationships. This will also give you enough time to analyse your relationship with her and make you understand whether you really want her back.

Although, the steps may vary from person to person and case to case, the basic steps to follow are:

  • Start texting her before actually planning a face-to-face meeting. The text should be general, just telling her you remembered something that you two had done together.
  • In this texting time, instead of begging her to take you back or telling her how she is so wrong to be with the new guy, tell her you are really glad to have shared your life with her.
  • Keep the messages pleasant and don’t try to be an adviser for her new relationship.
  • Have a few days of texting during and this time if her new boyfriend finds out about it they would definitely have a fight.
  • Now, ask her for a casual catch up kind of meeting over coffee.
  • During the meeting try to make her laugh and have fun. Don’t bring up the topic of her new relationship. Don’t make her feel that she is cheating her boyfriend by meeting her ex.

If the meeting goes off well, she would like to meet you again and you can take things forward from here slowly. Give her time to decide between the two of you without bringing it up. If even after a few meetings, she is indecisive, gently nudge her to decide.

Take it slow and go step by step. Give her time and don’t lose heart if things don’t really go as per your plan.

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