Generation Up and Down: Who Books Escorts Considerably Younger or Older? Typical Client Profile


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The sex industry is the oldest industry in the world and most people don’t truly understand just how widely it is used. Indeed, some 20% of all American males have paid for a sexual service at least once. One quick look online will show you just how popular the sex industry actually is for people of all ages, genders and creed.

However, who books escorts considerably younger or older? Is there such a thing as a typical client profile? Escorts will generally tell you that each client is an individual and this is certainly true. However, there are a number of statistics that are of interest as well. For instance, most escorts are older than the men who tend to use their services. This is also because an escort, unlike a prostitute, generally has the ability to look after herself very well, which in turn means they can keep offering their services for a long time. But what about their clients? Let’s take a look at a general age profile.


Between 18 and 30

These young men tend to look for no strings attached sex. They are often slightly unsociable and have some self-confidence issues. Indeed, many of them are virgins. They tend to go for an older escort. However, the flipside is the men who see sex as a kick and who are very arrogant about the fact that they are able to pay for sex. These will usually go for a younger escort. Finally, there are the very few who hope that Pretty Woman is a true life story and that they will find love in an escort. These tend to choose a woman of their own age.

Between 30 and 40

These slightly more mature men tend to be quite lonely or they are trapped in a loveless marriage. Often, they are going through a midlife crisis and want to feel young again. Men in this age category who are not married tend to have difficulties finding the time to socialize. Either way, these men tend to book younger escorts than themselves, as this helps them to feel younger.

Over 40

Most men over the age of 40 will book a younger escort, like girls in this gallery . They want to be seen as successful and attractive and will hence find a woman who is a lot younger than them. This serves as a kind of pick-me-up. Indeed, many men over the age of 40 frequently use escort services, with some becoming slightly addicted to it. They often search for this because they need companionship and a listening ear, something that they often don’t get at home anymore.

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