Singles: Resist The Pressure, Adopt The Right Repartee


You are single and those around you keep reminding Resist The Pressure you of it: at the slightest missed date, your mother gets into all her states, your father asks you what is wrong with you and the whole family gets busy. quest for a new trail of love. And you ? You’ve had enough! Rebel!

You are not guilty – Resist The Pressure

Your father is 78 years old and he never misses an opportunity to throw sentences like: “Seeing how it’s gone, I won’t be there to walk you down the aisle anymore… And I’m not even talking to you of my grandchildren. Ahhh I would have liked to know them, all the same…! “. Emotional blackmail: a great classic! Dad knows full well that he’s going to strike a chord by saying that, so no, no, and no. Don’t fall into the trap. Worse still: don’t marry the son or the daughter of his friend Bernard’s uncle’s aunt just to please him and fulfill his dream of seeing you in a white dress! So stop feeling guilty: in the story. It’s still you who suffers from not having found love yet. So instead of adding to it, your loved ones should support you, not make you even worse!

You’re old enough to find on your own

In one week, your mother tried to set you up with her dentist’s niece (nephew). Your father gave your phone number to the niece (nephew) of his secretary’s girlfriend, as for your sister. It was on Facebook that she tried to orchestrate a most improbable rapprochement with the sister or brother of her best friend. All this, of course. Without ever consulting you first. Verdict: you are tired of all these shenanigans and other arranged dates which, far from helping you find your ideal partner, plunge you into unparalleled embarrassment. You become paranoid to the point of refusing all their invitations. Afraid that you will find yourself in one of these unpleasant and embarrassing situations. Enough is enough !To stop dead, only one solution: tell them that you have met someone and that you will introduce them in due time. To great evils, great means!

Singles Resist The Pressure, Adopt The Right Repartee

And in addition you are active – Resist The Pressure

If your family and friends put so much pressure on you. It’s not out of malice: they worry about you and. As they feel useless, they deploy treasures of imagination (and clumsiness!) to try to help find a soul mate. To stop them dead without offending them. There’s nothing like showing them that you’re doing very well on your own. How? ‘Or’ What ? Make up endless stories, “tracks” you are exploring, crazy parties and hot nights. In a nutshell. Show them that you’re “active” and not passive in your search for love, and they’ll drop your sneakers. In the meantime, without wanting to put pressure on yourself. A piece of advice: be REALLY active! Even without the help of dad, mom, aunt and uncle,

Autumn is an opportunity to reconnect with cultural and why not sporting outings , just to have fun and… to meet interesting people.

A whole show

In autumn, when it comes to culture , you will be spoiled for choice: plays, exhibitions, concerts and other events will compete for top billing. Do not hesitate to vary your outings by opting for the latest boulevard play. The latest musical, the concert of your favorite singer or an original photo exhibition, according to your tastes of course. The opportunity to discover new universes (very useful during social conversations and/or “dredge” plans), to spend a pleasant evening and why not to make a nice meeting.

Trade show talks – Resist The Pressure

We rarely think about it, yet fairs of all kinds can be very interesting in terms of meetings: auto show, creation fair, Zen fair, whatever, as long as it interests you, or even you passionate. In addition to the novelties and other curiosities that you will be able to discover there, you will also be able to come across potential suitors who will already have a significant quality: that of sharing one of your centers of interest. And that’s a good start…

The art and the way – Resist The Pressure

Has a charming young man/woman caught your eye? The approach technique is all found: aren’t you there for the same thing? Play the card of commonality, a passion for theatre, painting, cars or something else… And isn’t it particularly appreciable to meet someone who shares the same tastes as you? Be careful, if you fall for your seat neighbor at the theater, we strongly advise you to be daring as the duration of a show is limited… As for those who would be reluctant to go there alone (e)s, do not hesitate to propose to one or more of your friends to accompany you: they can be very useful to attract attention and break the ice. Welcome back everyone !

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