Business Trips: Ideal for Meeting New People?


Business Trips Ideal for Meeting New People

A pleasant and stimulating parenthesis in the Meeting New People heart of everyday life, business travel is conducive to meetings and/or rapprochements. A dream opportunity for singles.

Different place, different atmosphere

Of course, you are traveling with colleagues that you know more or less well and that you are used to working with on a daily basis. But the professional framework in which you are accustomed to evolve requires a certain distance and does not always favor rapprochements. Especially if you work in a large structure. Exotic and more intimate, the business trip invites on the contrary to the dialogue, to the complicity. We meet for breakfast, we take our meals together. We bump into each other at the hotel bar at late hours of the night… new day… The perfect opportunity to strike up a conversation…

Stay discreet

Be careful, if you set your sights on a colleague. Beware of prying eyes. Romantic relationships at the office (or on a business trip in this particular case) can create. If not concern with your superiors (some companies have a rule not to mix professional and private life). At least hostilities and/or or gossip. To avoid disappointments of all kinds. We advise you to remain discreet. At least at the beginning. No need to make waves and jeopardize your career(s) until your story is serious.

It’s holiday love…

But nothing obliges you to stay in your professional circle: take advantage of your free time to go out and meet people. If you’re in a foreign country, you probably won’t resist the rital accent or the Spanish charm of a handsome stranger. Enjoy and indulge in the simple pleasure of seduction. But don’t forget to keep a cool head: in a few days, at most. You will have to go home, and holiday romances are ephemeral but so torrid!

Business Trips Ideal for Meeting New People

You will soon discover the one that makes your heart beat. Before this first meeting. You decided to exchange some photos. Thanks to our 5 ideas for original portraits, show yourself, from the start, in your best light…

Send her a photo of the prettiest part of your body – Meeting New People

If it is better to remain modest and avoid an overly sensual cliché. Which could be misinterpreted by the chosen one of your heart. Do not hesitate to surprise him or her. Simply put yourself in value. By sending him a photo framed on your so pretty smile. Your beautiful blue eyes or your magnificent feet… Guaranteed success!

Send him a photo of you in disguise – Meeting New People

Perhaps you have a few photos available in which you appear in disguise . If you want to share your lightness and your taste for parties. Do not hesitate to pass on your passion for costumes!

Reveal yourself without makeup – Meeting New People

The most natural women, who feel capable of seducing without artifice, can dare to reveal themselves without makeup. In all simplicity, let the man of your dreams discover you as you would wake up from your first night…

Share your hobbies

Whatever activity you prefer, why not share it with anyone who may be called upon to take part in your daily life? By showing yourself on a horse, reading or in the kitchen, you can only charm him or her with your original and daring side.

An enigmatic photo… from the back! – Meeting New People

Mystery and sensuality will be there if you choose to send a snapshot, on which we only guess you. Only your curves and your hair will identify you… which will inevitably make him want to know more.

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