Guide on Major Issues – Why Men’s start breaking up when things get a bit Serious


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As a relationship starts, things get very attractive and everything moves on nicely and easily. It gets tougher and gets more serious as soon as the man starts withdrawing himself from the relationship. Even the woman also finds it making no sense at all. It is basically dependent on how the woman is connected to the man. If everything was moving as it should be, it is good. But when things get off track, tension and suffering starts developing and finally everything ends up with anger, sadness and frustration.

Here are several reasons why men pull away when things get serious

  • Suspecting the other one is a very common instinct in human nature. But it can be very much unhealthy when you are in a relationship. You should not suspect your partner unless you get some strong evidence. Research also says women suspects’ men more than men do for women when a strong bond is there. You should be very much loyal to your partner in order to avoid these stuffs and suspecting on a simple thing is just pointless.
  • Ambition and love are two different things in a man’s life. Several women mix these two things and they start believing that these two things are the same in a man’s life. So, things get a bit more complex and this is another reason why men pull away when things get serious.
  • A common mistake among women is that they start misjudging the men’s brain. You should develop a good chemistry in between yourselves before you start a serious relationship. You should know what he wants, likes, dislikes his comfort and uncomfortable zone etc. So, do not go blindly for a serious relationship unless you figure these things out otherwise it can be a major heartbreak for both.
  • Don’t be a psychopath in a relationship. It is common problems in youngsters that they behave very seriously when feel any complexion in a relationship. Ups and downs are part and partials of a relationship. So, do not go mad and do crazy stuffs like attempting something that can hurt physically or mentally both. This is pretty much unhealthy for a relationship and this is another major cause why men pull away when things get serious.
  • Do not be an over reactive to certain small things. Men find it very uneasy and unsatisfactory in several situations when their partner does not know how to behave or react to certain situations. If you freak out more, he will think of you like a fool and if you are non-reactive to several situations, he will think of you as a careless and irresponsible person.
  • Try to bother someone as much as he wants to. Give him some space for his own life. Do not think yourself as his life. You are just a part of his life, but not his whole life. So give some space so that he can mix up with his friends and other relatives.

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