Tips To find out if you’re dating a Gay!


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Are you in relationship with someone ho leans off the straight path? Wish to know how to spot a gay man? Often it takes years for a woman to find out if the ma she’s in relation with is gay. Often gay men date a woman because of the societal threats. Even today, you cannot be open enough to accept the fact that a gay guy could be a real man just like any other guy.

How to spot a gay man?

Well, it isn’t simple to choose a homosexual person from a flock of men. Any person could be a gay and you can never find it. But rather than looking at the flashy dresses they don or the stretch of words, you should look at the proper signs.

  • He is not interested in sex with his partner

Well, it is not the perfect sign, but yet you do get a hint. Often men enjoy a happy married and sex life till they realize that they are gay and love men.  May be your partner loves to spend time with you but avoid intimacy. If he isn’t interested in other women, chances are that he is gay!

  • He gazes at men

You find him staring men when he doesn’t find you around. It could be more obvious in public places like beach where men wear minimal clothes.

  • He speaks dirty

Everybody loves thinking or talking dirty in bed. But does your guy holds a sexual desire which turns him on more in comparison to the others? Does he prefer scenario when amen are involved with men?

  • He is flirtatious with men

Girls are sweet to one another, guys aren’t! They don’t complement other guys. In fact, they don’t even be nice to one another. Only a guy who is sexually interested in another guy will flirt.

  • He loves it in the ass

A guy who gets amazed by homosexuality will surely like something in the ass while having intercourse. Does your man prefer a dildo more than penetrating you? Well, if yes, then he is a gay!

  • He likes the attention of other guys

Does your guy like semi-clad males? Do you catch him flashing himself to a boy anywhere? Straight men do not like the attention from same sex, but from the opposite sex while it’s different for homosexual guys.

  • He likes watching gay porn

Straight guys do not like watching gay porn a lot. It is the gay men in which the curiosity prevails. Watching the action of two gay arouses them and they get sexual pleasure.

  • Gifts

Gay men purchase expensive gifts for their male friends. It may be because of the bond they hold, but if he is buying luxuries constantly for his cute, handsome male friends, there are chances that he is hitting on him.

  • Secret talks

Do you feel like you missed something while hanging out with your guy’s friends? Do you see you man indulging in secret and suspicious communications? Do you see them looking at the other men around them or you find a man to man hug weird in some way? If you have a clue about this, then may be your guy is a gay!

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