Tips for Recognizing Female Dating Scammers


Tips for Recognizing Female Dating Scammers:

In recent years, online dating made for the purpose of obtaining money has become much more frequent. Given the nature of the crimes, it is very difficult to uncover such a deception, since criminals don’t meet with their victims, preferring to conduct all business through the World Wide Web.

A psychological portrait of victims

Usually, women who are scammers look for rich men. The typical victim profile is a rich, middle-aged man (however, according to statistics, women become the victims of cybercriminals more often, although there are enough cases with male victims). Welfare information is easily retrieved from the victim profile on Facebook or Instagram because everyone wants to show that they are rich and successful.

People who spend time on online dating sites are not particularly secretive about themselves: they communicate freely on any topic in the hope of meeting the ideal partner. And to attract the attention of victims, a beautiful profile picture is usually used. The messages that a scammer writes to a victim are usually distinguished by gentleness, pliability, cute romantic hints, and humor. Don’t forget that scammers are excellent psychologists.

How does it happen?

What can Jump4love scam fighters tell about it? For several days or a week, a woman talks to a man easily and naturally. The common opinion that scammers don’t tell any information about themselves is erroneous. On the contrary, stories about friends or family usually inspire confidence in a victim. Scammers often put pressure on victims: tell them about a breakup or the death of a close relative and prolonged depression and only communication with them can help. Moreover, request to help with advice (for example, choose a gift for a family member) makes a victim feel a significant part of the interlocutor’s life. As soon as personal trusting relationships are established, then follow messages with a request for financial assistance. For example, scammers ask to borrow money for a plane ticket so that they can come, or tell about a sudden illness and an urgent search for funds for the operation. And victims help, believing that they are chatting with a true friend. The money paid is usually withdrawn immediately, and when a man realizes that he has been deceived, he can no longer return anything.

How to avoid becoming a victim of scammers?

Follow these rules:

·   Ignore messages from strangers who actively insist on getting to know you better.

·   With maximum suspicion, consider requests to friends on Facebook or any other site from strangers with whom you have no mutual friends and whose information in the profile is filled with little.

·   Don’t respond to requests for financial assistance from people you just recently met online.

·   Don’t provide your bank account details or cards to third parties that you don’t know.

·   Don’t tell strangers the details of your financial situation. Don’t tell everyone that you have a significant amount of money.

·   Configure the privacy settings of your profiles on social networks and online dating sites so that unregistered users or strangers can’t access your page, personal information or messages.

·   Be wary of people who promise to have a date with you and always cancel everything at the last minute. Don’t give such people money so that they can’t come to you.

·   If you suspect that you are communicating with a scammer, immediately inform the support service of a dating site about this.

·   If you have become a victim of scammers, don’t be silent about this, inform the police so that they try to help you return the lost money.

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