Online Dating Can be a Tricky Business


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Online dating should not be entirely online. Eventually, it needs to move from the keyboard and the phone and to a real dinner and a real movie. For some online-daters, it is important to meet the person in “real life” fairly soon after speaking with them online. Waiting too long can build up the excitement and nervousness too much, which may make one side of the couple back out of the meeting.

Online dating is huge right now. Technology is a huge part of our daily lives, and meeting people online to start a relationship is becoming more and more common. As online businesses that center on couples increase, businesses will need to be sure that their users can make payments using online-friendly methods like debit and credit cards. Chargeback rates are notoriously high in any adult-focused business because it involves a touchy subject, so those thinking of starting an online dating business should take that into consideration. Find out more about business merchant accounts at

Keep in mind that online daters need to meet eventually to make the entire program work, and they should meet before they get too far into the relationship. Take a lesson from one fairly common occurrence. A man and woman met on an online dating website, and begin texting one another shortly thereafter. They seem to just click. They text back and forth every day for approximately two months and get to know each other very well. The woman has to go away for work during those one of those two months, and the two continue to text daily. She even sends him photos on her travels, and they continue to bond.

Finally, they arrange a date; they set a date, time, and a place to meet. As the day approaches, they start asking more and more questions about the night and about one another. They seem to be getting very nervous, and begin texting less as the day draws nearer. When the day finally arrives, neither person texts the other and neither shows up to the date.

Clearly, this potential couple built up the date far too much. Both people got very nervous and just couldn’t handle what may have been a very awkward date. Simply texting back and forth is much safer than meeting people in person because it is much easier to hide flaws, weird habits, or a whole list of other imperfections. The potential couple just got scared and decided not to meet.

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