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So, you’re thinking of gifting someone some stunning colored diamond Jewelry this fall?

If you weren’t, then you certainly should be. It’s a fabulous gift, elevating the grace and elegance of diamond Jewelry to new sensational heights of colour.

But colours…its harder to know what to pick then you might think.

The colour of the moment may not be the colour of your moment.

But don’t despair! If you can’t decide on a colour, there are some timeless, iconic choices for coloured diamond Jewelry that will never go out of style, and will always impress.

Here are our top five picks for magnificent pieces of colored diamond jewelry that will never go out of style.

  1. Rosy Pink

Rosy Pink. It’s romantic, it’s alluring and it’s timeless.

As the shade of love itself, it’s sure to communicate how you feel while making a dreamy and beautiful accompaniment to the outfits of the person you love.

Unlike intense jewel tones, it doesn’t risk making your rings look costumey, and unlike more classic tones like white, it still makes a dainty and unique statement.

Like the delicate oval ‘Very Light Pink Diamond Ring’ pictured above.

bold yellow diamond ring 1
  1. Bold Yellow

Go bold and buttery with a beautiful yellow diamond.

When we think of yellow we think of sunshine, of happiness, warmth and joy. We think of decadent honey and blooming sunflowers.

It’s the shade of excitement, energy and contentment, and shows that special person that they bring all that out of you.

It’s a statement shade that brightens up the room and is sure to brighten up that special someone’s smile.

This ‘Fancy Light Yellow Diamond Ring’ pictured above.

pure white diamond ring 2
  1. Pure White

A classic, elegant shade that goes with absolutely everything, you can do no wrong with a pure white diamond piece of jewellery.

It’s Hollywood glamour, it’s sophisticated and it’s effortlessly stylish.

No matter if it’s a wedding ring or just a way to remind that special someone of how much they mean to you, a pure white diamond will always be a perfect pick.

As an example, check out the beautiful ‘White Diamond Ring’ above.

brown diamond ring 3
  1. Brown

A more down to earth, sentimental choice, a Brown or Champagne or Cognac coloured diamond jewellery signals comfort, contentment and relaxation.

Brown as a relaxing, natural colour soothes rather than stands stark to the eye and make a beautiful accompaniment to any outfit or style.

If that special person prefers a more subtle and relaxed style of living and communicating their love, Brown may be the perfect pick for their coloured diamond jewellery.

Take a look at this Brown diamond, the ‘Light Brown Diamond’ for inspiration, pictured above.

green and blues diamond ring 4
  1. Greens And Blues

A more funky, eclectic pick, Greens and Blues – be they light and bright pastels or intense rich jewel tones, make an unexpected and gorgeous pick for coloured diamond jewellery.

With their calming yet striking nature, you’ll be gifting an accessory that is visually powerful and rare, a constant reminder of the intensity and strength of your feelings.

Like shining ocean seas and glittering green pastures, a green or blue piece of coloured diamond jewellery will also be a thing of beauty. Sure to catch the eye, and sure to make them smile.

Check out coloured diamond jewellery of all of these shades, and so much more in Astteria’s stunning coloured diamond collection. diversity of intricate, bold and sensationally colourful jewellery is sure to make a standout gift for that special person.


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