Fear of Women: The 5 Types of Fear


Do you know what fear is? Yes, that emotion in the body that makes you think you’re facing danger or a threat. Like joy or sadness, fear is a perfectly normal feeling. However, in seduction, this fear can really harm the achievement of goals, but also the fulfillment in love life. This fear can lead a person to bring their weaknesses to the fore. Thus, when you approach a person in fear, you put a spoke in your wheels.

When accompanied by stress, fear can be very difficult to control. And if in one of my articles I told you about all the means to adopt to overcome it, it still paralyzes some people. Faced with a woman, you continue to be paralyzed. The reason ? By trying at all costs to overcome this problem, you are forgetting an important point: you must not only look for a way to avoid being afraid (because that only half solves the problem), but to find an explanation for this fear. Today, I’m going back to the basics to help you deal with it more effectively

The different types of fear

To help you better understand the fear you feel towards women and to point you in the right direction to better overcome this situation, I have implemented a categorization technique. Thanks to the latter, you can easily identify the type of fear you have.

Fear of Women The 5 Types of Fear

The fear of approaching

Fear of approaching women is the most common type of fear (and it’s also the easiest to recognize). If all men are so numerous to have this fear, it is above all because it is a logical feeling. The approach is a very dreaded phase (even for women).

  • What are the symptoms of this fear?

To know if you are a victim of this fear, you must recognize the symptoms which are: hesitation, procrastination and excuses not to approach (I want to approach it, but I don’t have the right outfit , I want to approach her, but I think it’s not the right time, I want to approach her, but she is with her friends and many others).

  • How to overcome this fear?

To overcome this fear, you must take the bulls by the horns. Are you afraid to approach women? It’s simple, go approach women! It’s ironic isn’t it? But, it is really necessary to treat evil with evil. With practice, you will see that it will quickly become a simple bad memory.

fear of interaction

The fear of interaction is linked to the phase that follows the famous approach phase. Generally, it lasts between 1 and 15 minutes. Again, I can’t blame the men who over time have developed this fear. And for good reason, this step is not yet sufficient to know if the seduction will bear fruit or not.

To know if you are a victim of this fear, you must recognize the symptoms which are: verbal paralysis and the black hole. In practice what is it? It’s simple, when you approach a woman, you have the impression of completely losing words or on the contrary, you start stammering gibberish. Next ? The black hole ! You are completely disconnected.

  • How to overcome this fear?

Good news, to overcome this fear, I offer two solutions:

1-      Force yourself to interact with women.

Once again it is by forging that you will be a blacksmith. The small difference here is that you won’t need to interact with women you like at first. The goal is only to set yourself a small goal to hold a real interaction for at least ten minutes, for example. The more you can manage to have long interactions with a woman, the less afraid you will be of interacting with them.

2-      Force yourself to have obligatory interactions with women.

Who says you have to create opportunities to overcome your fear of interaction? The second solution is to regularly go to a place where you need to interact with women. More simply, go to a place where interactions are inevitable. For example, you can sign up for a ballroom dance class, a yoga class, etc.

Fear of expressing feelings

Admitting your attraction to a woman is not always easy. However, whether it’s verbally (saying openly that you like her, asking for her phone number, asking her out on a first date) or non-verbally (establishing effective eye contact, kissing her, caressing her, kicking her under the table, etc.) you have to launch yourself to be able to seduce her.

  • What are the symptoms of this fear?

To know if you are a victim of this fear, you must recognize the symptoms which are: unpleasant tension, procrastination and excuses not to do it (I don’t think it’s the right time, she’s not ready to hear her, I don’t want to spoil things, I’m waiting for her to give me a sign before starting). And while waiting for the “right time”, “the right place”, or whatever, you will end up having regrets because it will be too late.

  • How to overcome this fear?

To overcome this fear, I will not cut corners. Once again, the secret to knowing how to swim is to first overcome the fear of diving. To do this, strive to express your attraction (again and again). Don’t be afraid of being rejected, go for it without thinking about anything.

Fear of physical intimacy

Get down to business ” ? Many men are looking forward to this moment. But many men also fear this moment. And the reasons are many:

– Lack of experience

– Bad experiences in the past

– Physical and psychological factors

– etc.

  • How to overcome this fear?

To effectively overcome this, it is first essential to know the real cause. If it’s lack of experience, there is no magic bullet, you just have to take the leap to accumulate more experience. If the problem is caused by a bad experience or a psychological and physical factor, the best advice I can give is to go to a professional. There is no ready-made solution, because the solution will really depend on everyone. And this option is by far the fastest and most effective way to get you out of trouble.

Developing a relationship

This next type of fear is categorized in several forms:

1- Fear of being hurt

Previously, you lived and accumulated several painful experiences (lies, infidelity, control, lack of affection, etc.)? You haven’t yet had to experience real serious relationships? It’s normal for you to be afraid of being hurt. But how can you be sure that you fear being hurt? The symptoms of this type of fear are the following: suspicious attitude, cautious behavior, closed attitude.

  • How to overcome this fear?

So that this fear no longer handicaps you, first identify the severity of your case. If your afraid to be hurt hasn’t marked you too much, the solution is just to work on yourself. It means learning to move on and forgive people who have hurt you. Then try to figure out why you got there. In most cases, each partner (including you) has some responsibility. Once you identify yours, it will be easier for you not to reproduce the pattern. Also understand that even if you are deeply hurt, it is really not the fault of your potential partners. So why punish them for the acts committed by another? On the other hand, if the of being hurt has really marked you and it is starting to be a handicap in all your relationships, it is best to consult a specialist as soon as possible.

2- The of being disappointed

Even among the best flirts, this fear is still beautiful and very present. Moreover, according to my personal experience it is especially the latter who have to face the fear of being disappointed. And for good reason, given their know-how, the experienced dredgers have managed to accumulate dozens of conquests. Thanks to this, they were able to understand the functioning of women, their behaviors, their habits and especially their reflexes when faced with certain situations. So as soon as a woman does the same thing as the previous one, the first feelings that come are: disappointment and loss of interest.

  • How to overcome this fear?

In some men (I would say the luckiest), this phenomenon disappears little by little. But in others, it may even intensify. The solution ? Stop accumulating encounters. Focus on one woman and tell yourself that it won’t always be the same ending.

The fear of being disappointed is also visible in men who tend to experience disappointing relationships. This form of fear is quite similar to the of being hurt. Therefore, I invite you to adopt the same solutions: forgive, take responsibility, give a chance to people who have not caused you harm and try not to repeat the same mistakes.

The of losing her

Whether you are a novice in the field of seduction or you already have significant experiences, the fear of losing the woman you are with or the one you are trying to flirt with is not specific to a simple category of men. If you haven’t experienced this fear yet, I can tell you that sooner or later you will experience it Painful.

  • What are the symptoms of this fear?

To know if you are a victim of this, you must recognize the symptoms which are: the intense need to be with this woman, the exaggerated kindness, the cautious behaviour.

  • How to overcome this?

The best solution to overcome this is to accumulate experiences (again, you would say!). Indeed, through experience, you will learn to deal with successes, but also with failures. By understanding that relationships are ups and downs, you will understand that losing a woman is ultimately not the end of the world. On the other hand, if you’re genuinely afraid of this woman slipping through your fingers, learn the basics of a strong relationship and act so that she’s also afraid of losing you.

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