Battle to Be the Best Dating Site


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Dating or socializing is something that is needed in a person’s life. These hook ups and the process of meeting new people increases the friend circle and it also teaches various things in some or the other way. Social networking and the dating sites perhaps tens to have the highest number of users and billions of people across the world are connected very now and then in one or the other dating sites or is logged on to the social networking sites. Some of these web sites tend to let people connect with the already known friends and their mutual friends and sometime some strangers as well. The dating sites on the other hand are solely meant for people to connect with strangers and then become friends. Some even lets one fill up the criteria for the kind of partner required and based on these criteria the app itself finds out suitable matches for the registered user and provides them with the privilege of connecting with each other.

Daily flings and hook ups are also possible via these dating sites. Two of the popular dating sites that people discuss about have the highest number of users and there is a kind of battle going on between the users in order to prove that the site they have been using is the best. Tinder vs. is a common topic and the view of its user varies differently. allows its users to find local girls and boys who are interested for dating instantly. Hookups and getting laid is easy on and even the cam chats can be carried out easily as the people there are aware of the fact that the web site is meant for such purpose. Whereas on tinder the process is not that open and it depends upon individuals how they want to take it forward. People connect on tinder and chat and then they take it to the direction they like. Connecting with people overseas or miles away can never get one laid. Hence, it solely depends upon the user and their demands.

In the debate with the topic tinder vs., the winning party would be the one who has more number of users because they both serve as the social networking and dating web site. More the number of users more would be the support. Commenting which is the best is not possible from a single point of view because the needs and out- look varies from person to person. One who just needs to chat and have a time pass would find tinder better and the one who is looking for hooks ups and getting laid without any strings attached would find the a better web site than that of tinder. One who have been using both of them can actually put a review on the ease of using the application and if it is user friendly or not. Hence, tinder vs. can only have a result with its number of participants.

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