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Tips for a Healthy Prostate Massage - Unfinished Man

We’re coming upon an age where people have a better sense of sexuality and how sex acts lead to your sexual identity. For many men, the “exit only” joke about the rear ends has been a funny way to laugh off any curiosity about involving the rectum in sex. But your sexual orientation is defined by attraction, not by what you do with other consenting adults in bed. It is possible that men are becoming more interested in butt play — the pegging scene in Deadpool is just one example of mainstream acceptance of heterosexual anal sex performed on a man. What it comes down to these days is, don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it.

Aside from the many sexual advantages of a prostate orgasm, there are health benefits as well. While some people are not fans of foreplay, preparing is an important part of relaxing the body and ensuring that you have the most heightened sexual experience possible.

If you are experimenting with prostate orgasm and rectal play, it is a very good idea to get a prostate massager to prepare for a proper orgasm. If you have never sought a prostate orgasm before, it can be good to either try it out for yourself or carefully with a partner in a clean environment. Doctors warn that cleanliness is indeed next to godliness when it comes to anal sex. While vaginas tend to clean themselves out (seriously though, stop buying your girlfriends douches), the rectum is a different story. Some men will use an enema before engaging in anal sex acts, just to make sure that everything is tip-top clean. If you have anal fissures or hemorrhoids, you should probably not have anyone touch the inside of your rectum — bacterial infections can result.

You have to be gentle with your own rectum, as well as anyone else’s. The skin is delicate, and can tear easily. If you have not previously experimented with prostate massage, you might feel some less comfortable feelings. The sensation of needing to pee or poop might start to overtake you, but these are good. The need to defecate indicates that you’re near the prostate, and if you are properly and gently massaging the prostate, these initial sensations will turn into intense pleasure.

If you are experiencing a prostate orgasm for the first time, then you might find that you don’t ejaculate as normal. Some men release a “milk,” or an ejaculated liquid without sperm. A prostate orgasm can cause shivering all over the body (similar to a woman’s clitoral orgasm). The sensation is great, and can become addictive, but it has to be approached with care.

Prostate massages also carry with them several health benefits. Appropriate prostate massage can assist with erectile dysfunction, improve urine flow, help cure painful ejaculation, help with prostatitis, and even lower benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

Overall, even if it seemed like nothing you would ever be into, the prostate massage has so many benefits for men. And hey, why knock it if you’ve not tried it?


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