Make Your Decade of Togetherness More Special With Unusual Celebration


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10 years of marriage means the first decade spent together, as a couple. Gathering and celebrations on such occasions is a common thing while some of them prefer a private celebration. 10 years of togetherness is a something special and it should be celebrated for sure.

Celebrating 10th Anniversary

There are many ways to plan this occasion. You can go for a picnic or an adventurous trip. For winter fun, you can plan a skiing down or enjoy in the snow. Daffodils are anniversary flowers, so you can plan a daffodil theme surrounding which you can have a romantic date.

Another unique way for a quite private celebration of 10 years anniversary is spend a romantic night at home or away from your home in a cozy loving atmosphere. For this, you will need to research for best romantic places and choose the perfect one. In this loving atmosphere play songs from the movies that released during your wedding season and are close to your heart.

You can also visit the place where you met for the first time. This will take you down to the sweet memory lane and you will remember how you fell for each other, got married and spent this beautiful decade with each other. However, unless you both are together, it does not matter where you go or what you do.

Renewing Vows at Your Anniversary

Renewing your vows makes the couple feel marvelous. This is more special, if you had a distinct type of wedding. Some couples also express their love with quotes and their own vows. Usually, vow ceremony is done after the other milestone or at 20th anniversary, but this celebration is a personal preference.

Gift Ideas

You could gift some personalized items that are a sign of love for you. One could also gift dazzling gemstones like blue sapphire or diamonds. Traditional gifts for the flexibility of your relationship are tin or aluminum items.

Anniversary party

While hosting a party, you should choose perfect colors for love. A daffodils theme is perfect for your anniversary party. Let your decoration look realistic and unique. Also spread some good fortune by doing some charity.

Scrapbooks with all your memories, inspiring poems or quotes, love coupons, a romantic novel etc., shall make your spouse happier than ever and will remind the magical moments you both spent together all these 10 years.

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