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Is It Worth Taking a Break from Your Relationship? - Unfinished Man

Some couples, having reached an impasse in their relationship, decide to take a time out, in other words, to spend some time apart from each other. It helps someone, they take a break and consider the possibility of continuing the relationship. Others, during the separation, understand that the relationship can not be returned, and it’s time to put an end to it. You should also know that psychologists consider a pause in a relationship an easy way to break up. That is, one partner can’t work up the courage to say that they no longer feel love, and the lion’s share of pauses in relationships have this very reason. Let’s figure out when to take a time-out, and how to get out of it, keeping the love.

Advice from Psychologists

Experts in one voice claim that a break in a relationship can’t be a way out in difficult situations. You can’t just put love on hold, order cheap escorts in Dubai at site, and wait for the issues to resolve themselves. If there is a problem in a relationship, then it should be solved, and you shouldn’t run away from the “sinking ship” in anticipation of a miracle.

But there are situations when a break is simply necessary. In exceptional cases, partners, being close to each other (with their irritant), can not soberly assess the situation, and they just need to be alone with themselves to compile thoughts, and then put them on the shelves in the correct order.

In What Cases the Break in Relationship Is Useful?

Psychologists have compiled a list of situations in which a pause will benefit both partners. We suggest that you consider it:

  • Partners are sure that they want to be together, but their happiness is hindered by a misunderstanding. They constantly quarrel for no reason, can’t be together for a long time, as they begin to infuriate each other. In this situation, you need to take a break for a while, make a list of what you are not satisfied with in your beloved one. Choose from this list all that you can put up with, and what makes you mad. The next time, discuss the lists you have made and work together to ensure that each of you gets rid of habits and character traits that do not suit your loved one.
  • Difficult situation. This point includes infidelity, betrayal, deception on the part of a loved one. People in such situations simply cannot think straight about decisions if they are next to the one because of whom the emotional shock was experienced.
  • Fear of responsibility. Some people feel fear of responsibility when they see that the relationship is moving to a new level.

Are There Any Disadvantages of a Pause?

Don’t forget that a break in a relationship can really be the end of love. It happens that during the time of separation, people get acquainted with other people, with whom it is interesting, easy, and they want to be with them. And then the temporary break turns into a real end of the relationship.


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