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How to Put the Spark Back into Your Relationship (5 Helpful Tips) - Unfinished Man

Despite spending many happy years with your other half, you might feel as if the chemistry with each other has shifted. While you might not have been able to keep your hands off each other at the start of your relationship, the intimacy may have fizzled.

Thankfully, there are steps you can take to reignite the passion and add some much-needed romance back into your life. Continue reading to find out how to put the spark back into your relationship.

Make Time for Physical Affection

While your partner might regularly say they love you or that you’re beautiful, actions often speak louder than words. To feel both loved and attractive, you might both need to make more time for physical affection. For example, you should continue to kiss, hug, and cuddle, which will make you feel closer to your other half. It’s the key to a healthy relationship.

Enjoy a Romantic Weekend

It might also benefit your relationship to enjoy a romantic weekend with your other half. For example, you could check into a luxurious hotel to enjoy champagne, breakfast in bed, and enjoy more romance.

Alternatively, you could clear your social calendar and enjoy many days in bed with your partner. You could even add an extra thrill into a weekend and buy sex toys with afterpay, which offers an easier way to shop. It could help you to fund various toys that will inject some romance back into your relationship.

Go on Regular Dates

Many couples can get stuck in a rut. While they might live in the same space, they might enjoy different activities. Rather than existing with each other, do something fun together on a date. Fun activities you could enjoy with your other half include:

  • Visiting a theme park
  • Taking a cooking class
  • Booking a table at a new restaurant
  • Going paintballing
  • Exploring an aquarium
  • Tackling a hike

It will provide an opportunity to make new memories with your partner, strike up conversations, and to remember why you first fell in love with each other. Make a list of activities you would both be happy to do and aim to tick them off as soon as possible.

Listen to Your Partner

The spark might have fizzled throughout the years because your partner feels their thoughts and opinions aren’t valued. For this reason, you must listen to your other half and genuinely be interested in what they have to say. If you’re not asking about their day and only complain about your own, it could drain your relationship of all passion and happiness.

Devote Time to Each Other

Setting aside a few seconds of your time for your partner could transform your relationship. For example, when your other half arrives home from work, greet them at the door with a hug and kiss. You also could pause the TV and/or put down your phone to wrap your arms around them and ask about their day. The small actions will make your partner feel valued, and they could increase your connection.

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