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Exciting Trends in the Adult Industry That are Coming Up Sooner Than Later - Unfinished Man

People do different things to help them live a life that makes them happy like doing hobbies like traveling and even doing some self-care. If self-care is a priority in the list of things that makes you happy, this also means taking care of intimacy in your life. You can take care of your intimate life, whether you have a partner or you don’t. As taboos around the subject of sex begin and continue to change and breakdown in this age, sex becomes more and more experimental.

With this being said, new trends in sex come up every day and people are beginning to take them up. These trends also include advancements in technology that is being in the adult industry. It is recommended that a person should use whatever gives them sexual pleasure and satisfaction as long as it does not harm them or their partners. If you are curious to know about the new trends in this industry, you can read the ones that are discussed below in this article. Here are some of the exciting trends that are coming up in the adult industry:

Clitoral Vibrators

One of the trends in the adult industry is the clitoral vibrator. The clitoris is a female sexual organ that is found in front of the labia and above the urethral opening and is the most sensitive area of the female genitalia. The clitoris is the primary source of sexual pleasure in women. Clitoral vibrators are vibrators that are used to stimulate the clitoris of a woman by vibrating at different speeds and intensity so that they can get sexual pleasure or even orgasms.

These vibrators are only used externally, but they do not penetrate the female genitalia. These vibrators use batteries to run and some are waterproof. Clitoral vibrators come in different shapes and sizes that make them discrete and less obvious. Some designs of clitoral vibrators look like lipsticks, mobile phones, or even sponge. They can be manual or hands-free. However, the hands-free type is less powerful than the manual types.

Integrated of Artificial Intelligence in the Adult Industry

The incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) in sexual behavior is another trend that is coming up in the adult industry. This has been very helpful in connecting couples who are in long-distance relationships who cannot spend intimate time together. Artificial intelligence is being integrated into the functioning of sex toys such that they can sync to a pornographic content from the best VR porn sites that you are watching and be able to mimic what is happening in that sex act. These trends of artificial intelligence in the adult industry may start showing up in the sex toy shops soon or other online retailers.

Autoblow artificial intelligence is a machine for giving blowjobs and it is reported that this machine can do close to ten blowjob techniques. Many companies are developing many other artificial intelligence tools that improve the sexual experience for people.

CBD Lube

Women who are going through menopause or after delivery of a child experience vaginal dryness. This makes them experience pain when they are having sex and some may even avoid sex because of the discomfort. However, there is a solution to this problem that is coming up called the CBD lubricant which can help you to experience sexual pleasure without pain.

CBD is an acronym that stands for psychoactive cannabidiol that is derived from the plant that grows cannabis. This oil is legal and allowed in many states and is also a safe practice. The CBD lubricant not only reduces friction that occurs due to menopausal vaginal dryness when having sex, but it can also stimulate more blood flow to the female genitalia and this further contributes to better sexual arousal and satisfaction.

Sexual Mindfulness

Another trend that is happening in the adult industry is sexual mindfulness, which is encouraging people to practice “slow sex”. Today, well-being experts advise us that taking things slowly and being mindful when doing things, including sex so that we lead a more fulfilling life without pressure. Different people have now started embracing sexual mindfulness that makes use of relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation to get a fulfilling sexual experience.

Photo via Pixabay

A more accurate definition of sexual mindfulness is a practice that helps you to reach your full erotic potential while increasing satisfaction and pleasure. This practice helps you to be more aware and appreciative of the dramatic pleasures that are happening as you become aroused.

Male Pleasure Movement

Another trend that is happening in the adult industry is the development of more sex toys that improve male sexual satisfaction. In the past, most of these toys took care of female needs than males but this is rapidly changing. Some of the toys for men include those that stimulate their prostate gland and make more experience arousal.

In conclusion, some trends are coming up in the adult industry that is making people have a more fulfilling sex life. These trends include CBD lubricants, male pleasure movement, and the integration of artificial intelligence in sex toys.



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