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How To Level Up And Be A Bigger Hit With The Ladies - Unfinished Man

When it comes to our love life and the way we are in the game of attraction, we all know that there are certain ways to behave and certain methods of getting what we want. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, the right person will just fall in front of you and you won’t have to do much to keep the spark alive. But that’s only if you’re lucky, of course. The majority of relationships and sparks are full of work, preparation, and a game or two.

Do you currently feel as though you’re not exactly where you want to be regarding your ability to get women throwing themselves in front of you? Have you recently come out of a divorce and aren’t quite striking it lucky with the right person? Well, if you are, then you shouldn’t worry too much as a lot of guys find themselves in this predicament. While it’s annoying, it’s common – and it’s something that can be worked on. Like most things in life, it’s a skill that improves with a little practice and experience! Here are some things you can do to ensure you become a hit with the ladies:

Go Out And Talk!

You can’t be expected to improve on things like charisma and charm by sitting indoors and thinking about what moves you should be making. Just go out and speak to people. Go out and speak to women you find attractive. If they aren’t interested in chatting or you make a little awkward situation occur, then who cares? You’re learning and progressing. You get better at things by going out and failing, then learning how not to fail. Social skills can only be improved by being social. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Look At Your Appearance

You’re already a good-looking person, but there’s something sexy about a man who looks at his dress sense and the way he keeps himself. We’re not saying you need to constantly shake up your wardrobe, but a few new items here and there would be great. Also, think about how you smell, your aroma will be remembered – it’s a vital ingredient.

Build You Body Up A Little

A lot of women like a lean, skinny guy, but so many like a buff dude. You don’t have to do this, of course, but perhaps adding an extra meal and working out at a gym could do wonders for you. It’s true that skinny guys can gain muscle too, and if you’re a weedy gent, then this could help you out a lot. It would certainly do a lot for your own self-confidence – that’s a fact.

Focus On Yourself And Your Goals

This is super important and goes beyond just the game of love. You need to focus on achieving your goals in life. You need to go out and actively enjoy yourself. Build yourself up. If you can add value to your life and enjoy the things you do, then you’re going to make other people see how valuable and how positive you are – they’ll want to be around you. Attracting people will be effortless if you’re happy and have lots of things going on. It’s a clue, but focus on yourself and love yourself.


I'm the resident dating expert here. I love women, believe me. Maybe a little too much, but I give great advice. Just try me.

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